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Format: Choose either APFS or Mac OS Extended (Journaled) to format as a APPLE SSD is the disk, Container disk1 is a container on that disk, and Are you preparing a Time Machine backup disk or bootable installer?.
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During installation, the macOS installer decides whether to automatically convert to APFS—without erasing your files:. Are you preparing a Time Machine backup disk or bootable installer? Will you be using the disk with another Mac? Disk Utility tries to detect the type of storage and show the appropriate format in the Format menu.

If Disk Utility shows the sidebar, but your disk doesn't appear within it, disconnect all nonessential devices from your Mac. If the disk is external, leave it connected, but make sure that it's turned on and connected directly to your Mac using a good cable.

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Then restart your Mac and try again. Learn how to get your Mac ready for service.

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How to erase a disk Proceed based on whether you're erasing your startup disk or some other disk. Erase a startup disk Start up from macOS Recovery. Then click Continue. Make sure that the sidebar in Disk Utility shows the name of your startup disk.

How to format a startup drive for a Mac | Macworld

The volume representing your startup disk is Macintosh HD, unless you renamed it. Don't see it? Do the same to delete any other volumes you might have on your startup disk—except the volume named Macintosh HD. Now select Macintosh HD. Disk Utility shows the recommended Mac format by default.


Click Erase to begin erasing. You might be prompted to enter your Apple ID. When done, quit Disk Utility to return to the Utilities window. Erase some other disk The steps above also work when erasing a storage device that you're not using as a startup disk. How to change the partition map scheme of a disk In some circumstances, you might need to change the partition map scheme while erasing.

The sidebar now shows not just volumes, but also the disks devices that contain those volumes. Only APFS-formatted disks have containers. Select the disk that you want to erase, such as Apple SSD. Check the information shown on the right side of the window to find out which partition map is currently in use: GUID Partition Map is appropriate for Mac disks.

Make sure to keep it pressed down! Click Erase this will erase your main drive and allow time for the drive to format. Follow the installation prompts and enjoy your new operating system. And if you want your new OS works smoothly for a long time to come, use a great cleaning and maintenance tool we've mentioned above — CleanMyMac 3. The app will take care of your Mac, so you'll get the most out of your computer again.

Step One: Boot From Recovery Mode, or an Installer

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