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Why won't my mic work on My Apple Mac (mini or iMac) you ask? search "USB Mic adapter Apple Mac"; Spend a little more and get a small hobby/dj mixing.
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Apple doesn't include an internal audio recording microphone in the Mac mini, nor does it include an external monitor, or even a keyboard, mouse in the box. For PC switchers, the Mac mini at least allows you to you leverage some of your existing computer accessories that you might already own.

Apple Compatible USB Audio Headsets

For others, you're free to build your Mac mini setup with the precise microphone and other computer peripherals that you prefer. A stand-alone Mac USB microphone is best for podcasters, musicians and singers with more demanding Mac sound recording microphone needs. For many, a Mac webcam with mic is the smartest choice, especially if you buy a high-quality HD web camera that includes built-in stereo microphones.

The close proximity of the mic to your mouth helps assure clear diction and minimization of unwanted background noise. A Mac compatible USB headset also gives you the option of private audio and stereo music enjoyment without disturbing others. Look for headsets with boom microphones that mute and bend or flip up and out of the way when not needed.

There's also descreet USB earbud headphones with in-line mic without the weight or bulk of a full-size headset. You pay a premium price over a regular PC, and you keep having to pay for extras to get basic functions. Apart from this annoyance and the crippled Intel integrated video card though I love my mini 8. With an iPod, you can play back media from the pod using iTunes, but not with the iPhone.

Why take this function away on the more expensive player???

The only reason I can think of it to make you want to go out and buy a dock for the phone to play back on real speakers. I think it would be nice if the input was switchable, but the line level makes sense if you connect in a home media center etc. The iMic has a switch to go between line level and mic level which works great.

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Apple should do the same on their inputs. Perhaps they though if most people are now buying monitors with built in cameras and mics that work over USB so a line input would be more useful? Wow, I tried last year and earlier this year and again today.

How to Set Up an External Microphone on Your Mac

And then in a stroke of genius I hooked up my bluetooth headset to my mac mini and it worked like a proverbial charm. I just needed a microphone to record my voice for voice-over presentations. I still use my regular speaker system for the output. And it works just fine under Windows and Boot Camp. So, maybe you should be worrying about why Apple chose to disable this feature with Leopard? So I bought a series mini-mac and I tried 3 microphones bought one new and none worked. The guy in the Apple Centre looked funny at me, when I told him some story about audio-jacks were an issue back in Performa days.

Now I found this page. Well at least the Apple Centre was wrong, if Len is right. For me this is a showstopper right now. Never thought it would be still an issue, after all those years.

How to Set Up an External Microphone on Your Mac - Make Tech Easier

What did microphones ever do wrong to Steve? When I posted this I was using Tiger. Thank you so much for the good advice. I am really relieved to see that there is a solution.

Mac Compatible Headsets With Microphone

This thread has been extremely helpful! This was driving me absolutely crazy trying to figure it out on my own. Thanks for the info. I have just bought an ichat leadership usb, but is isnt working — it seems to be only for PC. Are the two related? Guys, thank you so much for the information!!! I just tried to connect me with my regular celular phone bluetooh and worked perfectly for Skype and fring!!

13.3" Macbook Pro Headphone/Mic Adapter

Thanks, that explains a lot. Like others I spent ages trying to sort this out. I set up skype on a mini at home when I was working away to talk to the kids. Remarkably it worked. Thanks for this. I had wondered whether it was a power issue. If you can just invest in a usb headset though, why not! The logitech mic works very well with a Mac mini, whether an old one or a new one.

Here is how to set it up:. Bit frustrated now … they just want us to do chat the issue??? Or always try to bring up the issue the it is only suitable for skilled people??

How to Use an XLR Microphone on a MacBook Pro - Connect External Mic to Mac

By default the Mac will not pass the input into the output, you need an app to do this. No love to Apple for this one!!! I thought they were it with options with multimedia and compatibility?

Strange, I have been recording audio input on a mac mini for a while and used several cheap MICs and every single one has been working perfectly fine. For every single one I have been plugging in directly.