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The End User License Agreement (EULA) for Apple Mac OS X legally and explicitly Mac OS X (Lion) as a virtual machine in Fusion 4 and later ( ).
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Apple changed its virtualization rules with Lion.

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The bad news is that Apple restricted the number of versions of Lion you can run on each Mac: You cannot run more than two virtual machines containing Lion and Lion Server on one Mac. One copy of Lion or Lion Server entitles you to run it in two virtual machines per Mac, in addition to using it for the host OS.

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For Mac OS X And each license entitles you to run only one copy in a virtual machine. You can run three Leopard or Snow Leopard Server virtual machines running on one Mac, as long as you own two copies of Mac OS X Server and use separate serial numbers on each in order to not violate the license agreements. The VM then has to reboot under these special conditions in order for the installation to complete.

Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux Virtualization Rules

So, passing board ID is pretty simple and allows Lion to bootbut there is a bunch of unknown voodoo that has to occur in order for the installer to succeed. But after the installation, should then everything else work OK? That computer is not automatically halted or rebooted.

Also "About the Mac" does not work, they say. Did not try "About this Mac". Note that VMWare Fusion version 4.

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Also note that as of VMWare Fusion version 4. I don't see anything in that article that could be construed as "fully supported".

How To Install Windows 7 on Mac VMware Fusion Install Vmware Tools TKPrograms

If anything, they "look the other way" while the user does something illegal. By contrast, VirtualBox is avoiding a lawsuit in the first place by explicitly supporting only those OS X versions for which the SLA allows virtualization.

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I see that this has not been updated in 7 months. An unexpected and pleasant surprise.

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  • You can make your PC flexible, too—keeping two OS apart or combining them, and even switching old and new versions of an operating system. As a virtual machine monitor for Mac, VMware Fusion operates reliably and is powerful enough to support several operating systems. The amount of supported platforms is astounding, as well.

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      Mac OS X Lion Supports Running Additional OS X Instances Within a Virtual Machine

      Learn more. View full description. Softonic review VMware Fusion is a software virtualization hypervisor —or virtual machine monitor—developed by VMware for Mac computers. Fierce Competition As a virtual machine monitor for Mac, VMware Fusion operates reliably and is powerful enough to support several operating systems.